Director of Photography & Digital Colorist

Falguni Thakkar is a Los Angeles based filmmaker specialized in Director of Photography, Digital Colorist and Visual Effects.

Born in Mumbai (India), she began her path into filmmaking with a Two Year Diploma Degree in VFX (2012-14) from the Whistling Woods International, Mumbai (India). Driven by the desire to master her technical skills in film, her next stop was New York City, where she earned a Diploma in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy in October 2014, beginning her career as a Director of Photography (DP).

Falguni feels inclined and passionate towards making films that are based on agents that affect the normal fabric of human society. She says, “As a filmmaker, I want to put together character driven non-fiction film narratives that engage audiences on journeys exploring and tacking important social justice issues and slice-of-life based stories.” She has successfully and artistically applied her inclinations and talent to her award winning short film for which she was the Writer – Director – Producer, Director of Photography and Digital Colorist.

As a Director of Photography, Falguni brings a fresh and unique perspective to each client and project adding value that results in creative solutions to often complex problems. She creates powerful story-driven images on set rather than leaving the mood and color of a piece until post; and shooting visual effects that sail through post easily. Driven by story, her choice of movement, lighting, and composition revolve around the ability to capture a scene in a way that draws the viewer in.

As a Digital Colorist, she excels in having a sharp, meticulous eye for color and a strong communication with her clients in order to bring their vision to the screen. Her passion about moving image evokes mood, tone and communicates ideas. Her experience with such diverse content from simple color correction to complicated color grades, gives Falguni the unique ability to find the right “look” for any project.

Falguni is a member of the prestigious Film Independent Society, Independent Filmmaker Project, International Documentary Association, New Filmmakers LA, Filmmakers Alliance and Colorist Society International. 

Her career in moving pictures has inspired her to create cutting-edge visuals in her pursuit for the perfect image bringing a level of unparalleled passion and excitement to every project.

She is currently open to any inquiries and always loves to have a conversation over a good cup of coffee!